Kaumudi Sharma


Kaumudi Sharma is the Founder & President of Ayaas Prayas Charitable Trust. She brings the voice and eyes of human dignity to the process of providing access to education and life skills thus alleviating poverty and creating a harmonized society. Kaumudi has been an educationist her entire life, previously working as a senior educator at Delhi Public School – RK Puram, she took her aptitude for skill-building and combined it with her deep values of human respect and integrity, and a deep-rooted belief in education as the founding stone of a healthy society, to create Ayaas Prayas.

She is a philanthropist driven by a huge compassion and the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit. Her keen eye for innovative aptitude building and life skill development has always resulted in curating cultural and competitive activities for children. The children thrive and learn under her guidance as they find learning fun!

Recently, due to her inexhaustible work, and her dedication to children and society development, she has been given an additional responsibility as the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Delhi – Greater Kailash District 301. This role requires her to help and serve the needy and underprivileged sections of the Society. The Inner Wheel is the world’s second largest women’s organization and comprises the women folk of Rotarians. It is a recognized voluntary Non-Government Organization. In recognition of its social service, it has got representation in the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Kaumudi is also an author of a number of books and has been awarded Hindi Academy award by Hindi Academy for her valuable work in the field of education.

She is a source of inspiration to all her friends and associates, her peers and children.