About Ayaas Prayas

Ayaas-Prayas is a charitable trust working for the upliftment of the students of weaker section. These students are the first generation, who is studying. At home there is no one to help them. We are not only teaching them, we are also boosting up their morale and motivating them to reach the heights. We are also reassuring them about their capabilities.

‘Ayaas-Prayas’ is working in the locality in South Delhi-Jasola, for the welfare of underprivileged children with the help of curricular and non-curricular workshops held everyday for various age groups.

Ayaas Prayas was founded by Kaumudi Sharma, with the modest intention of contributing towards the society by providing quality opportunities for the less fortunate sections of the society. Although it had an unpretentious beginning, but with the active support of its’ patrons, well-wishers and volunteers, in a very short time, it has gone from strength to strength achieving numerous milestones and continuously adding feathers in its cap.

Our Story

we organised the free workshops during the summer holidays along with the public school students and realised that these children are really underprivileged. They lack resources, help at home and love from the family. The dirth of money in the family the harmony also suffers. This was the point when I planned to provide them with books and a library was opened in Senior Citizen’s Complex, Jasola Vihar and from their the journey of Ayaas Prayas started.

Our Mission

An allied and collaborative effort aligned towards a motivational endeavour to help the less fortunate and to work for the better and a vibrant neighbourhood.

Founder’s Message

The blank eyes of street children longing for going to school, the tired face of small kids sitting and roasting corn , the naked feet of bright looking girls and boys always kept pinching my heart. I always felt their needs are greater than our buying expensive cars and other comforts. When I used to see the children from the village visiting the library and touch coloured pictures of story books with their soft fingers my heart used to bleed and I decided to open Ayaas Prayas. My dream lies in the future of these kids. I want they all should have healthy food and the love from the society which they truly deserve. This dream has reached the children to the level where they have started imagining their bright future , from where they are seeing themselves as future teachers, engineers and administrators of future.

Ayaas Prayas started with my firm belief that children can do wonders. We only have to identify their talent, their potential,

nurture them carefully with proper encouragement to help them blossom into compassionate human beings and responsible citizens of India.

A beginning was made with the children of Jasola for whom a 3-day workshop was organized in June, 2011 to help them develop their skills and talent. The theme of the workshop was ‘Clean Jasola-Green Jasola’. Even the parents happily participated alongside the children in this workshop. This first workshop was a success and I sincerely thank all the supporters who made it possible – Mrs. Padma Agarwal, Mrs. Cheena Sikka, Mrs. Amita Seth and Mrs. Jaya Sen. Two young talented girls – Puneet Sikka and Shradha Seth put in their whole-hearted effort to make the workshop a great success!

In keeping with the theme of the workshop ‘Clean Jasola-Green Jasola’, the children planted trees and made a promise to tend them. I am sure it will go a long way in improving the environment. Such efforts not just ‘build character’ but also create a bond of togetherness, love and harmony among children. They learn to be tolerant, they learn to plan well, they learn to work in a team, they learn to strive together for achieving their goals.

It is our endeavour to encourage children into more of such ventures through various activities – both curricular and extra-curricular. The unprecedented success of this workshop has led Ayaas Prayas to where it is today.

I see misery, sorrow, poverty, pain and insecurity with this class. On the other side people are enriched with power, money and all facilities of life. At this juncture I thought that there was a need of organization which can create a balance in the society. With this objective i decided to setup Ayaas Prayas which is soul and strength and can help the society. Our mission is to amplify voice and inspire action around critical environment and social issues, diverse in coverage yet focused in perspective. We have concentrated on environment issues which are responsible for providing healthy species to the society. Clean environment shall bring in a healthy future for our children, especially those who are underprivileged , who are living their life in dirty and narrow streets with no place for greenery.

Empowering their mind and creating awareness about their health and to lead a clean and healthy life is our main agenda.

– Kaumudi Sharma, Founder – Ayaas Prayas

Founder’s Message