We Gave This RO to The Govt. School

Workshops in Holidays

During holidays Ayaas Prayas is doing inovative workshops with kids. Ayaas Prayas is also training girls in computers.

We Distributed Milk to the Kids

We distributed milk to the kids on the occasion of Namani Ekadashi.

Rs. 3500 Spent on The Admission

Rs. 3500 spent on the admission of Shabnam’s Admission.

Have Adopted a Child of Orphanage

Have adopted a child of orphanage for the matter of his monthly expenditure, which is Rs.1000/- a month. 1000×12 = 12000 cheque given.

Ayaas Prayas Provides Dinner of Welfare Home for Children

Rs. 3000 spent on the dinner of the children of welfare home for children.