We feel very humbled in sharing the multifarious activities undertaken at Ayaas Prayas and the small strides it has made:

Since its inception, Ayaas Prayas has been running a school for the under-privileged students from class V – XII, with the objective of providing quality teaching and guidance to those school students who cannot afford additional coaching. As aptly covered in ‘Times Of India’ newspaper, the concept of teaching is to make learning a fun thing. In addition to the study curriculum, focus is also on extra-curricular activities such as vocational skill development, sports activities, cultural celebrations, etc. The children are also provided free books and shoes under the aegis of Inner Wheel. Lately, the reputation of Ayaas Prayas is attracting many talented young volunteers who want to contribute their bit by organizing short workshops for the school children

Efforts by Ayaas Prayas along with Jasola Senior Welfare Society helped to lay the foundation for the library ‘Kitabkhana’ in Jasola. The aim was to promote the habit of reading among the less privileged and promote literacy.

Ayaas Prayas also nurtures budding artists and children in the art of painting and poster making. Besides bringing out the painting talent in children, Ayaas Prayas has organized two big poster making competitions titled ‘Orphan Free India’ and ‘Organ donation’ to also sensitive these participants and viewers of the poster on these two current issues.

With a vision of empowering the youth for a brighter future, Ayaas Prayas conducts various workshops for their skill enhancement. These include the art of making diyas, paper bags, glass coasters, paper envelopes and compost making. These products are appreciated and much in demand from the corporates and individuals

Under the able coaching provided through Ayaas Prayas, students of Ayaas Prayas bagged the prestigious ‘One Nation Cup’ gold medal in the netball championship. Sachin, a student of Ayaas Prayas, has excelled in netball to become the national player. The players were feted with bicycle prizes by Inner Wheel club to commemorate this success and encourage the students to achieve even higher success.

Ayaas Prayas is one of a kind NGO who believes in shaping up the life of a holistic way. Children are exposed to various art forms from time to time. Drama brings out the much needed confidence in the child and children enjoy the street plays and various theatrical arts. Children also enjoy exercising their vocal chords and get hands-on on the piano, guitar, tabla, etc. Dance is the all-time favourite and the kids tune their dance skills under well trained and experienced choreographers and get to showcase their talents at Ayaas Prayas functions.

Achievements of Ayaas Prayas highlight the dedication and hard work being expended by the organization’s core members. These achievements have made a mark for themselves, making other organizations to stand-up and recognize the same. The Rotary Club and Aarambh association have appreciated and felicitated Kaumudi Sharma, the founder member, for the contributions made to the society.

Inspired by the great enthusiasm shown by children and residents of the neighbourhood in social activities and participating in national and multi-religious festivities, more to emphasize the cultural unity of this great land of ours than for the sake of entertainment alone, Ayaas Prayas brings out a yearly magazine to capture all these cherished moments. The contributions to the magazines are from the children and neighbour residents who would like these events to be known for times to come.

A green and clean world – that is the firm belief of Ayaas Prayas. To spread this awareness, a tree plantation campaign was organized by Ayaas Prayas and children in the neighbourhood were encouraged to plant several dozens of trees in and around their place. Besides laying the foundation of a greener tomorrow, it sensitized the children about environmental issues.

It is Ayaas Prayas’s firm belief that elementary school education is the right of each child and parents should encourage their children to study rather than engage them in child labour. To drive this message home among the parents of the weaker sections of the society, a street play on stopping child labour was showcased under the aegis of Inner Wheel.

Following the call of our esteemed Prime Minister, Ayaas Prayas has also joined the Swachh Bharat campaign in a big way. Besides embracing and following the call for a cleaner Bharat, a street play on this campaign was also enacted by the students of the school to spread awareness of this message.

‘Health is Wealth’ and ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ together sound the bells for preventive health check-ups. However, given the current day medical costs, the preventive health check-ups are a luxury for the weaker sections of the society. Ayaas Prayas has been making consistent efforts to organize free preventive health check-ups, free eye, dental and gynae check-ups for the needy in alliance with Inner Wheel

In a show of solidarity for raising awareness for the problem of air toxicity, contamination of soil and groundwater, Ayaas Prayas joined hands with Inner Wheel and other organizations to raise public awareness on the health impacts of the ‘Waste to Energy’ (WTE) plant in Sukhdev Vihar

For all round progress across the neighbourhood and society, Ayaas Prayas does its bit by contributing towards the blind school on Lodhi road and the Welfare home for orphanages in Sarita Vihar. For the blind school, Ayaas Prayas has sponsored scholarships for the students and also organizes occasional lunch for all the students. In the orphanage, Ayaas Prayas regularly holds the birthday celebrations of the kids and also organizes the orphanage visit by its own students and Christmas celebrations.

Under the aegis of the Inner Wheel, Ayaas Prayas also facilitated the marriage of an under privilege girl. The gifts were arranged through society donations and contributed by the Ayaas Prayas members. It was a memorable wedding, not for the pomp and show but for the blessings showered by one and all.

Ayaas Prayas is fully aware and sensitive towards the hygienic needs of the women of the financially constraint sections of the society. Ayaas Prayas recognizes it to be the need of the hour for all women to have access to sanitary methods of cleanliness and has organized distribution of sanitary napkin to meet this need.

It is not only the under privileged students that Ayaas Prayaas is aiming to provide educational support, but is also encouraging Adult Education. School children are leading from the front on this endeavour and are educating the elders in their neighbourhood. The children are already giving back to the society!

Ayaas Prayas created history on 24th January 2019 by enlisting the participation of 27 NGOs across Delhi-NCR for the District Sports Day. A healthy spirit of competition and a zeal for bonding was the highlight of the sports event which made it possible for the participants to put forward a spectacular show.

To remember and salute the heroes of India’s freedom struggle, Ayaas Prayas celebrates the Independence Day divas along with the fraternity and school children. It is a cultural event replete with dance presentations, drama enacts, poetry competition and several other bonding activities.

In the March of 2019, Ayaas Prayas ventured outside its traditional boundaries and organized a green Holi Milan festival with 3 other NGOs – Inner Wheel Club, Aarambh (Action for Women) and Sangini Group. True to the spirit of a green festive, it was celebrated with flowers and herbal colours and has sparkled a new bond among all the participating organizations.

Promoting a healthy and a fit tomorrow, Ayaas Prayas celebrates International Yoga Day, every year.